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A Chicago Legend: The Empire Carpet Man

Posted On: May 21st, 2013.


“So why haven’t you called?” is Empire Carpet Man’s call to action right after the famous “five-eight-eight, two three hundred” Empire Carpet jingle. The call was to Chicago viewers in this commercial aired in the 1980‘s. Not only does the Empire Carpet Man in this 1980’s era commercial entice his viewers to call by mentioning Empire Today’s benefits such as quality products, Next-Day Installation and unbeatable prices (at $6.95 per yard), but he also throws in a free ski cap for the callers.
If you grew up in Chicago, you know that a warm ski cap is not just a great accessory but more a necessity in the cold and harsh Chicago winters. Let alone a ski cap with Empire Today, Carpet Tomorrow slogan. With the hat on, everyone would know you are from Chicago. To watch more Empire Carpet all-time classic commercials, visit For the history of Empire Carpet and Chicago, visit

“Empire Today, Carpet Tomorrow”... By the Man who Made it Famous

Posted On: May 16th, 2013.


It’s the simplicity, fun and sarcastic ending punch-line that put a smile on your face when watching classic retro Empire Carpet commercials. One example is a close-up on the Empire Carpet Man’s face while with a serious face, he says: “There’s something I’ve been wanting to tell you, so I’ll get it off my chest right now.” The camera slowly lowers to show his chest, wearing an Empire Blue t-shirt with the famous tagline of that era “Empire Today, Carpet Tomorrow.” You can’t help but laugh, when that short, but clever commercial is over.
Lynn Hauldren, known and loved not only by Chicagoans, but by many nationwide as the Empire Carpet Man, delivers the lines impeccably. For a trip down memory lane of Empire Carpet commercials, visit

When you Choose Empire Today, you don’t Spin your Wheel(s)

Posted On: April 22nd, 2013.


The Empire Carpet Man boldly claims that when choosing other companies but Empire Today, you are just spinning your wheels. In other words, you’re taking chances on when the Carpet or Flooring ordered will actually be delivered. Performing in his usual one-man show, Lynn Hauldren, also known as Empire Carpet Man, spins the wheel, a spoof from Wheel of Fortune, with delivery dates written on it that range from next week... to a year... to “forget it.”
The commercial boasts about Empire Today’s Next-Day delivery and installation. It’s whimsical, sarcastic and fun... and most of all, is what we call very “Empire Carpet Man” like. To view more Empire Carpet commercials, visit

Fast Delivery or Else... Lemon Cream Pie on Empire Carpet Man’s Face

Posted On: April 17th, 2013.


“Seventy-two hour delivery or hit me with the pie” is the whimsical challenge the Empire Carpet Man gives. He does this while holding a lemon crème pie and promising to the viewers that Empire Carpet will be delivered and installed in seventy-two hours, or else... The commercial, aired in the 1980‘s, emphasizes Empire’s fast service of delivery and installation in only seventy-two hours, or as it has become commonly known, Empire’s Next-Day Installation.
Lynn Hauldren, also known as Empire Carpet Man, yet again drives his point forward of Empire Today’s fast service and expertise in a very simple yet fun approach. The setting is in the Empire Carpet warehouse, which was a typical setting for Empire Carpet commercials of the 1980s, showcasing among others the growth of the company. To view this and other old-time classic Empire Carpet commercials, visit We promise you’ll get nostalgic and you’ll love it or else... pie in the face?

Easy Room Updates: Harmonizing a Room with Smart Use of Color

Posted On: April 13th, 2013.


When a room has a finely tuned sense of fluidity, it becomes a soothing place to spend time. Using color to harmonize eclectic design elements can instantly transform a space from chaotic to cozy. Empire Carpet is available in colors to help homeowners make the most of their homes, creating a sense of continuity throughout.
No matter how varied the furniture styles, artwork, or other visual elements may be, one can almost always find a unifying element to highlight through the use of Carpet color. Perhaps the homeowner gravitates toward pinks or earth tones. Picking up the warmth of these items by choosing a Carpet color from a warmer part of the spectrum will help tie these elements together. It can also be effective to open up a crowded space by using a contrasting color to frame furnishings that qualify as signature pieces. Every homeowner has a powerful design tool readily at hand when he or she uses color to amplify an inherent sense of design savvy. Learn more about the power of colors to harmonize the home at

Sleep Deeply with Carpet Colors from the Soothing End of the Spectrum

Posted On: April 9th, 2013.


The ancient art of decorating to harmonize the spirit is called Feng Shui. Homeowners can incorporate the wisdom of this exotic art when they want to create more restful bedrooms. Central to the practice of Feng Shui is the thoughtful use of color.
Many homeowners decide to redecorate a bedroom when they’re seeking deeper sleep and a more comforting ambience. Carpet color can set a serene tone for an entire room, especially when it is coordinated in harmony with other furnishings. According to Feng Shui, restful bedrooms are made even more so when cool, muted colors are favored. Homeowners can look for popular shades that mimic quiet moments found in nature. Misty dove grays, mossy greens, soothing whites, and stone hues evoke a sense of stillness and tranquility. Discover the power of color to relax you into dreamier nights at

Warm up a Bland Room with Rich Carpet Colors from Empire Today

Posted On: April 3rd, 2013.


When a room feels chilly even when the heat is on, it’s time for a color makeover. One of the easiest ways to update the look of a room and energize it with a touch of warmth is to choose a rich, warm Carpet color. Even plain white walls and shades of gray are made inviting when Plush Carpet in a nurturing mocha shade makes an appearance. Using color to change the mood of a room rapidly takes things from “cold fish” to utterly cozy.
Today, designers and homeowners are going out on a limb to make Carpet color a more prominent feature in their design compositions. It’s not unusual to see a striking shade of burnt orange or even plum carpet in an otherwise monochromatic room. This is a high impact use of color in which the Carpet takes center stage. The many ways one can utilize color to get head turning results are unlimited. Explore and get inspired at